is here to help you understand the difference between the myriad of Set Top Boxes so you can take advantage of the new technologies that are being offered, but you have a lot of questions about differnt types of Set Top Boxes and don't know where to get answers.  Well you found us.  So lets get started.

Lets start with your location.  How many miles are you from your Digital TV Tower? Do you live somewhere that you have or can get a good high speed internet service?  How many TVs do you want to use with the service at the same time?

Digital TV Signals are great and the service is free, but he quality of your connection is completely dependant upon the antenna you choose and your distance from your local transmission tower. If you live in Brooklyn NY and you are getting your signal from the World Trade Center in Manhatten, a small window mounted unit will do great and you'll get 30 channels or more.   If you live thirty miles from NYC, you should get a good digital antenea that may need to be mouted up on the roof/chimmey like in the old day or analog TV.   You'll also need a turner box to convert the signal.  So it will cost you a few bucks to find out if it works in your area or not.

Internet service speed Do you have a good enough Internet Service to support the new Streaming TV services.  Click here to run a quick speed test now.  You'll need about 8mbps of download speed per device.  So if you plan on buying three TV Set Top Boxes in order to watch Streaming TV on three different TVs, you'll need about 24mbps of dowload speed to support all three at once.

How many TVs in your home?  All streaming services have a limit of how many TVs can use the service at the same time on one account.  Some are one or two, others three or four.  This is an important item that you need to be aware of before paying for any new TV service.

What is your goal?  Are you looking for more content than you currently recieve from your cable provider? Or are you looking to lower your monthly bills for Cable or Satillite TV? 

I want it all!  Save money and more content.  If you want to save money, get more channels, have accress to more movies and on-demand TV shows, plus more sports, we found the service for you.  We recomend Vontronix TV Service - - For just $29.95 a month they give you over 400 channels of TV.  All the same channels you get now from your cable more Movies, Sports, Adult channels (password protected) AND an On-Demand section that rivals Netflix or Roku.  And if you buy their exclusive Set Top Box, it even has You Tube as a channel and a program guide.   Vontronix truely is a direct replacement for Cable TV. A high quality service with a superior image quality.  Best of all, they answer thier phone when you call for customer service.

You want some free content.  Explore Google Play and you'll find Apps for almost every TV network. Most will allow you to watch old eposides for free.  While others like Crackle and Sony will give you some free movies.

You want to keep your cable TV but get more content. Netflix is a great choice for just $10 a month, you'll get thousands of movies and TV shows that have been recorded so you can play them On-Demand.  They also have some excellent original shows, but one problem with these services is that you can't watch Live TV.  You can't watch a football game or the news.  Netflix is all recorded content.  If you want Live TV, look at Vontronix.

What about Roku or Sling TV?  These are both great choices.  Netflix, Roku, Sling TV, Hulu and Apple TV are all pretty much the same.  They are basically similar libraries of movies and TV shows that have aired in the past.  Only recently have they come our with live TV channels.  Sling TV now offers 40 channels of live TV for $40 per month. There are additional fees for premium movie channels and sports - stick with Vontronix and you'll get more for less money.  The good news is that there's no term contracts so you can try one service this month and a different service next month.

Why do you like Vontronix TV so much?  We use this service at our homes. Becuase it's like Cable TV, plus Netflix for less.  Nothing else will really replace your cable TV, especially if you like watching the news or sports. Best yet, it works on three TV for $29.95 or four TVs for $39.95 a month.

Streaming Providers
Sling TV
Vontronix TV
Direct TV Now
You Tube Live
Amazon Prime
CBS All Access

Android Set Top Boxes
An Android Set Top Box will basically turn your TV into a Smart TV.  All Android boxes work the same in thier most basic format.  Other than the settings tab, which gives full control over the device and it's functionality, you'll get accress to Google Play.  You'll also get access to the Internet.  So now your TV becomes a huge Computer/telephone screen.  Time to download the Apps you plan to use.  One you go to the Google Play Store, you'll have the ability to download all sorts of TV Content App.  The Apps are all free to download and sometimes you'll get a certain amount of content for free but most Apps that provide a TV type service will charge a fee.  A cheap box will give you less than acceptable image quality, buffering may become annoying and customer service, impossible.  A more expensive box, usually beween $70 and $150 will prodive a much sharper picture.  Much less or no buffering, so for the few extra dollars, get the better box.  You won't regret it.

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Box
Both of these Amazon products are amazing.  For a very low price you get a tiny device that has all the features of bigger more expensive Set Top Boxes.   One issue is the remote control unit.  We love it and hate it.  We love it because it uses a Bluetooth connection that works great.  Point the controller anywhere and it works.   We hate the remote controller because it doesn't have enough buttons.  There's no volume control.  There's no keypad, so going from Channel 18 to channel 245 takes a whole lot of clicks to the channel UP button.

Non Android Set Top Boxes
If you have an Iphone, Ipad and Mac computer, why not stay with the trend and get an Apple TV?  It's a great product, great service and image quality and some free content. Expect to pay for most services.

Digital Anntenas
Digital Anntenas size is totally dependant upon your homes distance to the transmission tower.